Book 2: Shadow of the Dream Riders

Young Adult metaphysical fiction. The dream riders are growing accustomed to their extrasensory gifts, but surely there’s more to having superpowers than just fun and games? When Lauren meets brooding dream rider Ryan, she is flattered into using her time travelling powers to make a difference in the world, but when she finds herself thrust into a dark world of crime and revenge, she starts to wonder if maybe everything isn’t quite what it seems. Meanwhile Kyra becomes involved in a treasure hunt with a ghost whilst unknowingly being stalked by a visitor from a parallel dimension, and Noah joins forces with Crystal to solve their own mystery. Can the dream riders come together to prevent the tragedy they seem to be spiralling towards, or are they all just too lost in their own shadows to see the light?

Oh my god. It was absolutely brilliant!!!!!


I just couldn’t put it down, read this one and the first in the space of a day, can’t wait for more after that amazing cliff hanger.


I am loving and resonating with this exploration of mind, body and soul in this interesting, relevant and relatable story.


Book 1: Awakening of the Dream Riders

Young Adult metaphysical visionary fiction. On a quiet street in a picturesque English seaside town, Kyra Sutton makes an extraordinary discovery that at first promises thrills and excitement, but will ultimately test the schoolgirl and her friends to the extreme. Her startling discover will change the course of their lives…forever. The adventures of Kyra and her friends are mind-boggling. Can they master their supernatural gifts in time to prevent an already foreseen tragedy?


“Awakening of the Dream Riders” plunges the reader into an inventive paranormal adventure. The high-energy magic of the story arises out of the fact that Kyra’s world on the ground and in the air appears very real. And there’s more to come: Mangoro’s debut novel is the first in a projected series of open-your-mind fantasy adventures for young adults and adults. Malcolm